Every Connections Academy student—and family—has a different reason for enrolling in our program.

These are just some of the reasons why our accredited program may be right for your own learning style, strengths, and circumstances.

Many Reasons. One Answer.

Parents and students choose Connections Academy for many different reasons, but what they share is a desire for the best possible learning experience. These are some of the reasons why so many families think Connections Academy is the best educational choice:

Fully Accredited, Customized Learning

Imagine an outstanding, fully accredited program customized to each student’s unique talents, challenges, and schedule. Our Personalized Performance Learning (PPL) approach, empowers students to learn in a way that is suited to their strengths and needs.

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Best of Class Curriculum

We take the best of late-edition textbooks, materials, and online resources from leading educational publishers and add resources created by our own curriculum specialists. Ongoing, we evaluate and adjust our curriculum to ensure it continues to be the best of what is available anywhere.

I personally love Ohio Connections Academy because of its strong traditional curriculum and the fact that you can work with textbooks instead of being glued to the computer. There are loads of opportunities for enrichment built into the curriculum, as well as for individual acceleration."

- Cyndi Fugate
Ohio Connections Academy parent

Exceptional Teachers Who Make A Difference

Our talented, state-certified teachers develop close, supportive relationships with students and their families. Whether they’re leading a discussion online or working one-on-one by phone to help with a problem, our teachers are committed to each student’s success. From lesson plans to grading to regular parent/teacher discussions, they perform all the traditional teaching functions and more. In fact, Connections Academy teachers often have a closer relationship with their students and families than they did when teaching in a traditional setting.

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Parent-Supported Learning

When parents take an active role in education, students prosper. As Learning Coaches, parents can be closely involved in their children’s daily education. They’re able to see real progress every day and work with dedicated teachers to keep their students on track. Parents say it’s one of the most gratifying aspects of our program.

See what parents think about their families'
Connections Academy experiences.

See what parents think about their families'
Connections Academy experiences.

Friends, Clubs, Activities

With a variety of clubs, field trips, and extracurricular activities, Connections Academy students have many opportunities to socialize and make friends. They also get to know their classmates through our interactive LiveLesson® sessions, WebMail and community message boards. At Connections Academy, learning outside the classroom doesn’t mean learning alone.

Online chess is just one way our students interact outside the classroom.

Watch this year's Connections Academy Chess Club champion
go head-to-head with a chess grand master!

Less Stress, More Success

Parents tell us the entire family thrives from the flexibility of a virtual education. Families gain more freedom and control of their schedules. Students can participate in activities, meet special needs, or simply learn in the manner that’s best for them. Connections Academy works for the whole family.

See what parents think about their families'
Connections Academy experiences.

See why three busy high school students chose
Connections Academy.

Free Public Education

At Connections Academy, students receive a great public education at no charge. There are no materials fees and no tuition charges.

At Connections Academy, students receive a great public education at no charge

Compare, Then Decide

To help you choose the best schooling option, we have created a checklist of items to consider in your research, particularly of other virtual school programs. We encourage you to explore all your options and, at the end of the day, think you will find that Connections Academy has the best combination of curriculum, technology, staff, and community for your family.

Decision making chart

Download the Comparison Chart