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Leonie Stott

Leonie and her son

Leonie Stott is a parent and Learning Coach to Nathan, a high school student at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). She is happy that UCA is allowing Nathan to work at a pace that suits him, teaching him to be responsible for his own schedule, and inspiring him to set goals for himself. She shares her story below.

“Finding UCA was an educational blessing. Nathan had always achieved good grades in the classroom, but after moving to Utah, they suddenly dropped. We realized that the style of teaching in the American classroom was very different from the British classroom. The pace was just not fast enough for Nate, and he was losing interest easily and beginning to get distracted. I was also not happy with the lack of communication between the school and myself, so I started looking at other options. By chance, Nate’s father came across an advertisement for UCA and we decided to find out all the information we could. The online learning program sounded perfect because he could work through the lessons at his own pace.

Nate’s first year with UCA was amazing. He gained all the confidence back that he had lost after the bad year in the traditional bricks-and-mortar school. Nate’s teachers at UCA have given him constant encouragement, and they helped him reach far beyond any expectations he had set for himself. If I have any problems or questions, I know that all I have to do is call. The teachers respond quickly and will do anything within their power to help. Nate has set his goals much higher for himself now. He has decided to stay in education beyond high school and study mechanical engineering, which makes me very proud.

I believe that the way to succeed in UCA as a Learning Coach is organization–make sure to constantly check for updates from the school or teachers, and that the lessons are actually getting completed. It helps to sort out breaks within the day (Nate often takes his guitar out and plays for a few minutes to relax). The schedule of lessons and LiveLesson® sessions each day are very easy to follow–and the best thing is that your child can choose the order they want to complete the lessons and they can work through them at a pace that benefits them. I also found that the school field trips are a perfect opportunity for students to meet each other and their teachers.

I am very happy with the decision to join UCA; Nathan’s first year was full of academic achievements. The most notable one for our family was receiving a certificate from the president’s Education Awards program for Nathan’s outstanding excellence. But most of all, Nate has fun learning thanks to the amazing teachers; they know just how to keep the children engaged.”

Utah Connections Academy has given my son the ability to take charge of his learning. He is setting much higher academic goals for himself now and his teachers are right behind him helping those goals become reality.
— Leonie