An old photograph of a large group of women.

Recognizing Incredible Women

By The Monitor Feature Team In honor of Women's History Month, our writers have shared articles about amazing women throughout history who have made their mark on the world.

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The letters in Advice are cut out from a magazine and tacked onto a corkboard.

The Monitor Advice Team Answers Your Questions

In this issue of the Monitor our advice team answers your questions on:

  • how to use Google as more than a search engine
  • how to deal with having a crush

 Have a burning question that needs to be answered? the Monitor's advice team is ready to answer your questions head on.  Send your questions in today and your question could be featured in our next issue!

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Two doctors in surgical masks performing a surgery.

First Head Transplant Set For Late 2017

By Alexandra W.Off with your head...and onto another body!
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A little girl is laying in bed with her eyes open next to an alarm clock.

Settling into a Good Sleep Routine

By Teagan N.A large percentage of the people in the United States don’t get enough sleep. Are you one of them?
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A couple dances in front of a cityscape.

La La Land - a Modern Day Musical

By Andrea G.A film that bridges time to breathe life and creativity into modern day filmmaking.
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The form of a human head is made of metal pieces.

Reboot for Mystery Science Theater 3000 Nears

By Teagan N.In the not-too-distant future, screens will be visited by the Satellite of Love once more. If you haven’t seen this movie and need to know if it’s worth it, read this article.
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A hand is taking a vote for a poll on a tablet.

Poll Question

Go to the Just for Fun section to check out the responses from last month's poll to see how your fellow students answered the fun question about U.S. presidents!


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A man with a cloth over his face is about to throw a lit bottle.

Hate Crimes in Germany Begin Again

By Gillian L.Recently in Germany, hate crimes towards refugees have increased with over ten attacks against refugees every day.
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The doors of a womens and mens bathroom are shown with the shadow of a question mark between them.

Where Do You Go When You Have to Go?

By Alexandra W.In response to the United States’ new president, the LGBT+ community worries for the future of their rights.
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Just For Fun

A chichen itza pyramid is shown.

The Spring Equinox

By Maddie R.Most people are familiar with the summer and winter solstices, but do you know about the spring equinox?
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A surfer is riding a low wave on the ocean.

The Legacy of Eddie Aikau

By Jasmine B.Eddie would go!
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