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Kimberly from Big Bear City Ask me about:
  • Elementary School
  • Classroom Setup
  • Curriculum and Teachers
  • Students Previously Bullied
  • Switching from a Brick-and-Mortar School
  • Working Parent
Kimberly from Big Bear City

Connections Academy parent since 2009
Student in grade 5

Changing from overcrowded, underfunded classrooms to the safe, flexible, personalized online education offered by Connections Academy was a great choice that Kimberly made for her granddaughter.

As a grandmother, I chose Connections Academy to give my granddaughter the best education she deserves. My husband and I have raised her since she was one month old, and as the days turned to years, it was time to enroll her into public school for kindergarten. I volunteered five days a week and saw firsthand how crowded the schools are, with so many kids per class and only one teacher. I witnessed many kids who were unable to understand the teacher during lessons. Since it was impossible for the teacher to work one-on-one with the students, she would often move on to the next subject before they had grasped the material, leaving them confused and falling behind. There seemed to always be a shortage of supplies, too. My granddaughter would often catch sicknesses from the other children, so I would have to buy sanitizer and Kleenex for the rooms. Also, the kids were constantly bullying each other, which started to lower my granddaughter’s self-esteem. I knew that something had to be done.

At the end of our granddaughter’s first day of first grade, the new teacher said to my husband, “She has an attitude with a capital A.” He brought her home and she never went back. I would have said to that teacher that whenever you give a parent negative feedback, you should always follow up with a positive, such as, “And we are going to work on that.”

Since traditional public school was no longer an option, I started researching our alternatives. We decided on Connections Academy and are so grateful that we did. They make the experience of schooling at home easy and convenient for my family. This is our fourth year, and we have no regrets. The teachers are so helpful. Any time you need them, they are there to answer any questions. I feel like my granddaughter’s education is personalized to meet her specific learning needs. I’m able to recognize when she doesn’t comprehend the lesson, and we are able to try different angles until she does. This program is very flexible and allows you to adjust the schooling to your specific lifestyle. We purchased a laptop for when we travel, which allows us to do her schoolwork on the road.

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  • Being a Parent and Learning Coach
  • Socializing and Community
Elaine from Lake Forest

Connections Academy parent since 2006
Student in grade 9

Elaine’s daughter has been with Connections Academy since 2006. She has made great academic progress and great friends.

My student has been with Capistrano Connections Academy since 2006 and loves it! I am able to see firsthand how she is progressing academically. The feedback that she receives from her teachers is both insightful and constructive. This allows her to get a clear understanding of what she did well and what she can work on for the future. The LiveLesson® sessions provide an opportunity to engage in a classroom-like environment so she can communicate with her teachers and her classmates without brick-and-mortar classroom distractions.

The curriculum is challenging enough to keep her on her toes, but the independent learning allows her to fully grasp a concept before moving forward. This opportunity prevents her from losing confidence and allowing grades to slip. She communicates either by phone, through WebMail, or at school functions with her teachers, which she truly enjoys.

We have met the most amazing families who have become great friends! Although they may not live right next door, we can communicate through technology or plan get-togethers either with the school or on our own.

We are thrilled to have found such an incredible school that provides an excellent curriculum, supportive teachers, helpful administration, and wonderful friends!

Irene from Moreno Valley Ask me about:
  • Classroom Setup
  • Curriculum and Teachers
  • Elementary School
  • Socialization and Community
Irene from Moreno Valley

Connections Academy parent since 2008
Student in grade 6

Irene’s son loves the support and resources he receives from his teachers, as well as the flexibility in his schedule that allows him to enjoy extracurricular activities.

My son and I joined Capistrano Connections Academy (CapoCA) in 2008. Knowing the importance of education, my husband and I decided to school our son at home, but we wanted him to receive a high-quality education from an accredited public virtual school. As I researched potential schools, I was impressed by the curriculum, resources, clubs, and field trips that CapoCA had to offer. Not once have we regretted our decision to enroll our son in virtual school.

My son has always done well in all his studies, but this year was a little different. He needed help with the criteria of writing. The insightful choices of the language arts staff led to the delivery of invaluable courses and online resources that provided my son with the assistance and knowledge he needed to do well in writing.

In addition to providing a stellar curriculum, CapoCA also offers a vast array of field trips in our county and many surrounding ones as well, which is of great importance so that my son has time for socialization with other children. We have met some of the most wonderful families and are looking forward to building new relationships.

Thanks to CapoCA, and to the wonderful teachers, my son is a joyous young man who is excelling.

Lisa from San Diego Ask me about:
  • Elementary School
  • Students with Health Issues
  • Students Previously Bullied
  • Working Parent
  • Classroom Setup
  • Socialization and Community
Lisa from San Diego

Connections Academy parent since 2009
Student in grade 8

Lisa's son, who started with Wyoming Connections Academy in 2011, is now a student at Capistrano Connections Academy, as he and his family had relocated to Southern California. Since starting Connections Academy, Lisa’s son has experienced a complete turnabout, turning anxiety into well-rounded success.

As our son came into the school-age years, he received assistance through the Special Education Program for the sensory-integration problems he had from being a premature baby. With this help he developed skills, but his anxiety was still there.

When we moved to Wyoming, his anxiety increased and the assistance decreased. I had been studying up on homeschooling, but I was afraid to be responsible for his future on my own. I ventured into extracurricular educational activities on the computer, and found these to be fun for him. The more I talked to different parents about homeschooling and my concerns about my son’s anxiety, the more I knew I needed to find a solution.

When I discovered Wyoming Connections Academy, I jumped on the chance. Enrolling him has been the best decision. His anxiety is manageable; he enjoys his outside social clubs like 4-H and scouting; and he even has friends now. He has done a complete turnabout from his previous resistance to talk to people, and he even initiates conversations now. Many parents who knew him before he started Connections Academy ask what we have done to help him be such a happy, well-rounded young man. We tell them that we put him in a virtual school that works with us and with Alexander’s needs.

He participates in the virtual LiveLesson® sessions every other week and participates in the chat room with the other students. Connections Academy teachers teach with many different styles. An example is when his teacher assured him that she understood his anxiety about speaking: She would talk, give him an assignment of “tell me what this word means and email it to me,” then respond back with high praise for his abilities. Baby steps, challenges, try another way, work together as a team for my child’s success. That’s what Connections Academy has done for our family.

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