Fun Resources to Keep Students Engaged in Learning

Educating children at home with Connections Academy connects them to many great learning resources. Whether a student needs additional practice to master a skill, wants to pursue a personal interest, or requires extra challenge, our program can be customized to provide it. This personalization fosters a devotion to learning that stays with our students long after high school graduation.

When parents are involved in the learning process each day, they also gain opportunities to extend learning into family life. Our free online resources for parents and students provide step-by-step visual guides to a variety of enjoyable learning activities, crafts, and experiments you can try with your children.

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Fossilized head of dinosaur

Visual Guides of Fun
Learning Activities

Get learning with our hands-on instructographics!

Check out our collection of visual how-to learning activities that will entertain kids of all ages and keep them engaged in learning.


The Cookbook

A stack of peanut butter and jelly bar cookies

A Collection of Recipes
from Us for You

See what’s cooking with Connections Academy chefs!

Take a look at our online cookbook for taste-tempting recipes submitted by students, parents, teachers, and staff.


The Monitor

The Monitor website

Connections Academy’s
Student Newspaper

Connect to our student newspaper!

Read The Monitor to see what current events Connections Academy students find interesting.