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At Connections Academy, students don’t have to sacrifice a quality education to pursue their individual interests, talents, or needs—they can, and do, have it all with a program that embraces life beyond the classroom. Whether students are pursuing athletic or creative talents, academic advancement or addressing personal challenges, Connections Academy's individualized learning approach empowers students to reach their personal best—in the classroom and beyond.

Meet some of our many students to see what they accomplish when given the flexibility to pursue their passion, tools to learn and the freedom to grow.

Award-Winning Curriculum=Student Success

Our course offerings allow for both self-paced and structured learning, and include core lessons, as well as supplementary practice modules. Our instruction combines individual study with interactive group sessions. And we use both cutting-edge online resources and the most highly rated and time-tested textbooks and materials.

Connections Academy online schooling is designed to maximize the potential of all students—those who excel and those who need extra support. For high-achieving students, we fine-tune our lessons to capitalize on and even accelerate areas of strength. For students needing more help, we tailor our instruction to give concentrated attention to areas of challenge.  


Meet Miranda Hashemi…

See the difference Connections Academy's flexible program makes for ballerina Miranda Hashemi.

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