Stay involved in your student’s education by becoming a Connections Academy Learning Coach

Parent Involvement

There are many benefits to parent involvement in education. Parent participation in a child's education can lead to:

  • Improved grades and test scores
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Greater enrollment in post-secondary education

At Connections Academy, parents serve as personal, face-to-face Learning Coaches responsible for their children's day-to-day activities.

Understanding the Role of Learning Coach

During the early years, the Learning Coach plays a key role in developing study skills and effecting the learning. As students become more independent in middle school and high school years, the Learning Coach typically spends less time on daily oversight and guidance.

To help parents understand the challenges and responsibilities of the Learning Coach role, Connections Academy provides:

  • Tutorials
  • An orientation program
  • A community of parents who can provide first-hand advice

Local Community Coordinators

Parents may also get involved by serving as local community coordinators working with teachers to create opportunities for special projects and field trips with other students and parents throughout the year.

These fun and interactive events take place in locations such as local news and radio stations, museums, parks, aquariums, and planetariums—providing additional learning opportunities for students.

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