Connections Academy is committed to tracking virtual school student performance

Accountability & Achievement

Connections Academy and the public schools it supports use a variety of tools to track virtual school student performance and comply with public school testing requirements including:

  • Online and offline assessments
  • Parent interviews to help place students at the start of the year
  • Regular follow-up evaluations throughout the year

Constant Feedback

Conventional schools can rarely provide feedback beyond periodic report cards and infrequent conferences. Connections Academy supported schools provide constant feedback with detailed reports and discussions that go beyond simple letter grades to include thorough examinations that accurately gauge student performance and progress.

The grade book in Connexus®, our education management system, provides 24/7 reporting on each student's progress. It also stores past quizzes and tests so you can review results at any time right online.

Connections Academy teachers confer regularly with students—no less than once every two weeks, but more often as needed.

High Level of Virtual Student Accountability

Connections Academy's program of continuous assessment and feedback, combined with top quality curriculum and instruction, improves student achievement and maintains a high level of accountability.

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