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Schools supported by Connections Academy adhere to the same accountability measures and administer the same state assessments required by other public schools. Schools also use several assessment tools including the LEAP Progress Test and ongoing curriculum assessments.

LEAP Progress Test

Students in grades K–8 take the Connections Academy proprietary Longitudinal Evaluation of Academic Progress® (LEAP) test at the beginning of the school year. This test helps parents and teachers better understand the student's academic strengths and weaknesses and is used to develop the student's personalized learning plan. Students take the test again at the end of the school year to measure the progress made during the year.

Curriculum Assessments

Throughout the program, students engage in many different types of evaluations, both formal and informal including:

  • Quizzes: Brief and frequent online assessments that provide automatic feedback for teachers and families.
  • Unit Tests: Substantial end-of-unit assessments that provide more comprehensive information about a student's attainment of the instructed material.
  • Portfolio Items: Offline student assignments including written compositions, lab reports, short-answer paragraphs, essays, and book responses.
  • Posted Responses: In some grades, students participate in class discussions to post thoughts, ideas, and reactions in a designated, teacher-monitored discussion board.
  • Checks for Understanding: Higher-level, summary questions evaluated by Learning Coaches that check for student comprehension of a topic.
  • Daily Student Work: Learning Coaches monitor and correct student work on a daily basis.
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