ORCA Clubs & Activities

Learning, Friendships and Fun

Act in ORCA's Theater Guild. Build a robot. Discuss science fiction. Work on the school newspaper or literary magazine. Volunteer for a local food drive. It’s all part of the well-rounded student experience at ORCA.

With dozens of free clubs and activities, ORCA students can pursue their interests and discover new talents, while making friends in a safe environment. Meeting face-to-face for local activities or online with peers at other Connections Academy schools across the country, our students gain social confidence and new skills while having fun!

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See for Yourself ...

  • A student helping to create The Monitor student newspaper

  • Student Leadership Club participants working together to make a difference

  • A Math Club student at the U Games National Scholarship Finals

  • The Chess Club Tournament Winner playing a Grandmaster

  • Environmental Club students meet to clean up a local park

  • A student makes friends and keeps in touch through Pen Pals Club

  • National History Day California State Finalist with her entry

  • An Art Club student wins the County Fair Best in Show

  • An avid reader enjoys the Book Club

  • Chess Club students meet online to play our exclusive online chess system

  • A student learns about physics in the Science in the Kitchen Club

  • A student learns how make his robot successfully complete a task

  • Students at a Robotics Tourmanent enjoy the exciting world of robots

  • A student shares her creative talent in the Art Club

Student Interest Groups

Student Interest Groups—Evolving Interests, Involved Students

When a new topic intrigues our students, ORCA teachers may go the extra step of forming a Student Interest Group—giving students the chance to explore a specialized interest in-depth with guidance from an experienced teacher. Less formal than a club, these discussion groups give ORCA the flexibility to meet and engage students’ evolving interests.

One of this year’s more popular Student Interest Groups was Online Entomology.  Led by one of our experienced science teachers, the group exchanged ideas via message board and viewed special LiveLesson® sessions on the different orders of insects.