Advanced Learners

Providing academic challenge is important to help a gifted and talented child reach his or her highest potential. Many families with gifted students have turned to Connections Academy with excellent results.

Providing Challenge for Gifted Students

Our high quality curriculum offers Gifted, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses, enabling advanced students to work above grade level. Specially trained teachers customize lessons to provide appropriate levels of challenge, which may include accelerated learning as well as a greater level of complexity or depth. Students also gain opportunities to socialize with both age-group and grade-level peers.

A Parent Perspective

Parents of academically advanced students tell us they appreciate how, with Connections Academy, their children can move quickly through easily mastered concepts or dig deeper into material that interests them. Read these parents’ stories to learn how Connections Academy has enriched their children’s educational experiences.

Students Moving at Their Pace

Academically advanced students thrive at Connections Academy! Without having to slow down to match the learning speed of a traditional classroom, an advanced student can move forward at his or her own pace. Read the stories of these exceptional students to see what they’ve achieved.

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