Overcoming Bullying in a Safe Environment

Bullying shouldn’t happen to anyone, but for 13 million students nationwide, it’s a fact of life. Many families seeking a good educational alternative have turned to Connections Academy. Attending school from home enables previously bullied children to focus on learning—rather than fear of intimidation, embarrassment, or injury. Students also gain safe, supervised ways to socialize—both online and in person—through clubs, activities, and field trips.

Meet some Connections Academy families and discover how our program can help formerly bullied students learn, grow, and recover their self-esteem.

Meet Beau Patterson

When Beau and his family relocated to a small town, he discovered that transferring to a new brick-and-mortar school was a lot tougher than he expected. He had always had friends at school and gotten along well with his classmates, but suddenly Beau was not only the “new kid,” he was also one of the smallest kids in school. It got to the point where Beau no longer wanted to go to school and his grades started to decline.

A Parent Perspective

Many Connections Academy parents have reported that bullying was the reason why they decided to switch to virtual school. Many of these parents say that this change has been the best decision they could have made. Read these parents’ stories to see how our program has helped transform their children’s lives.

Thriving and Confident Students

With Connections Academy, students who previously experienced bullying are free to attend school without fear. Virtual school provides the opportunity and support to help students learn and rebuild self-esteem from the safety of home. Read the stories of these once-bullied students to see how far they’ve come!

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