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Anna Marie Ridenour

Anne Marie reading textbook alongside her brother

Anna Marie is a 2011 Ohio Connections Academy (OCA) graduate and valedictorian. She is from Monroe, Ohio. Her brother, Aaron, also attended OCA. After attending OCA for eight years, she is now pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts in Education at the College of Mount St. Joseph on a full scholarship.

Anna Marie was awarded a Walton Family Foundation Scholarship (administered by the Walmart Foundation) in the amount of $13,000 paid out over four years. Anna Marie was selected to receive the scholarship for her outstanding academic records, participation in school and community activities, and higher education goals. She also received a scholarship from the Anthony Muñoz Foundation and multiple scholarships from the College of Mount St. Joseph.

Anna Marie dismisses the idea that eSchoolers don’t have social lives or spend all of their time in front of a computer. She says she actually has more time for friends, fun, and school clubs because her schedule is flexible and the curriculum is more structured than her former private school.

Anna Marie took full advantage of the outstanding academics available to her at Ohio Connections Academy. She was a Gifted and Talented student taking both Honors and AP classes. Additionally, she was a member of the National Honors Society.

As a member of OCA’s Student Leadership and Service Club, Anna Marie helped raise awareness about post-earthquake Haiti and gave OCA families an outlet for reaching out to survivors. As a member of the Debate Club, she enjoyed learning how to research topics, support her positions effectively, and consider both sides of an issue. She enjoyed field trips to places like Voice of America where she learned how people in Ohio helped change the lives of people in other parts of the world.

Self-possessed and articulate, Anna Marie maximized every resource at OCA for a well-rounded experience. Her ultimate career plans are a pretty clear testament to that experience—her dream job is to be a high school teacher at OCA.

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“I loved my teachers at Ohio Connections Academy. They were and continue to be so good about making sure students understand the material, especially in LiveLesson® sessions—paying attention to areas students need help with the most."

— Anna Marie

Graduate and College Student

Meet Connections Academy graduate, Anna Marie Ridenour, and hear how our challenging and flexible program prepared her for college.