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Aaron Ridenour

Aaron and his sister reading on the couch

Aaron is a 2010 graduate of Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). He lives in Monroe, Ohio. Aaron attended OCA for seven years, since sixth grade. His sister, Anna Marie, also attended OCA.

Aaron is a young man with a plan: University of Cincinnati’s two-year undergraduate pharmacy program, followed by UC pharmacy school, and then on to a career as a pharmacist. Self-motivated and talented, Aaron feels he’s prepared to succeed, thanks in part to a curriculum that “made science fun” and offered lots of AP courses.

When Aaron transferred to OCA in the sixth grade, he’d been frustrated by the time wasted at his former private school. He found his niche at OCA with challenging courses and an individualized schedule that maximized learning time and allowed time for school clubs and other interests. At OCA, Aaron participated in the Student Leadership Club, Debate Club, and Chess Club, and even volunteered his time as a peer tutor helping other students in pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. Beyond OCA’s virtual walls, Aaron enjoyed playing piano and guitar, reading, listening to music, and just hanging out with his friends. For a busy young man with ambitious plans, the flexibility and challenge of OCA was just the right choice.

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“I definitely like the independence of OCA. You have to be self-motivated to work on it, or to do the lesson. I like how you can work at your own pace. You’re able to take advanced courses or select the difficulty of the classes. It gives you a lot more options. Anything you’re interested in, OCA pretty much has to offer.”

— Aaron