Ohio Online Middle School Curriculum

Students learn best when they can study at their own pace and get one-on-one help from a teacher. That’s why these elements form the foundation of our online middle school curriculum in Ohio. At Ohio Connections Academy (OCA), online middle school students get an individualized education that fits their interests and needs, both academically and personally.

The Measures of Success

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Check out some sample lessons and online resources.

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We use texts and materials from a wide range of academic partners.

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We also offer a wide range of clubs and activities for students to enjoy.

The School of Possibilities

From the pyramids of ancient Egypt, to the properties of the atom, to the classics of world literature, our Ohio online middle school curriculum begins introducing students to more challenging concepts and subjects:

  • Language arts that emphasize reading, writing, and comprehension.
  • Math courses that tie fundamental concepts to real-life practice.
  • Life and physical sciences that bring principles to life through hands-on activities and cutting-edge instructional tools.
  • Social studies that foster a deeper understanding of history, culture, and economics.
  • Electives ranging from music to sign language to foreign languages and more.
  • Field tripsclubs and activities that provide additional opportunities for social and intellectual growth.

It’s all part of a carefully-crafted Ohio online middle school curriculum delivered through online lessons, real-time LiveLessons® sessionstexts from leading publishers, and interactive instructional tools

A Typical Day in Middle School

Increasingly independent and innately curious. Ohio online middle school students often take charge of their school day at OCA where the curriculum encourages personal responsibility.

Consider a typical day in our online middle school curriculum in Ohio. Jason, one of our online middle school students, logs onto Connexus® and reviews the day’s assignments. After joining his class in a LiveLesson® session for math, he’ll practice calculating simple and compound interest using one of our innovative Teachlet® tutorials. On his own initiative, he’ll look for more practice examples in the text. Over dinner that night, his parents will be amazed when he explains how savings can grow. And, when he meets the Chess Club online after dessert, they’ll know it’s just another rewarding day with Ohio Connections Academy.