Online School Hardware and Connectivity

Provided by Connections Academy

Ohio Connections Academy families will also receive the following:

  • One desktop computer and monitor per student.
  • Subsidy for Internet service: Each eligible household will receive $50.85 while actively enrolled at the time of disbursement. Payments are made three times a year: December, March, and June. Families not enrolled for the entire payment period will receive a pro-rated payment. Subsidies are not available during the summer months.

Our online school in Ohio offers comprehensive technical support for the systems we provide and complete information on proper usage of hardware and software.

Using Your Own Equipment

If you choose to use your own computer, be sure your system meets our minimum system requirements.

Internet Service

We provide a subsidy for Internet service. You are responsible for obtaining an Internet service provider, but Connections Academy can help recommend providers and assist you with setting up the computer for access.