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MTS Minnesota Connections Academy Students Participate in Unique Field Trips Combining History and Media Arts

--Virtual School Students Use iPads to Create Movies About Historical Locations Through a Series of Field Trips--

ST. PAUL, MN (April 24, 2012) – MTS Minnesota Connections Academy students throughout Minnesota came together this school year to participate in some field trips with a twist.

“Reeling Through History: Enhancing Community and Reading Achievement,” was a unique field trip that combined history and media arts by having participating students create a movie about the historic location they visited. Field trips and community activities offer students the opportunity to come together, support the lessons presented in the students' daily course work, and socialize with other Connections Academy students and family members.

The idea for “Reeling Through History” was co-created by Andrea Cacek, a Duluth, Minn.-based Connections Academy Art and Photography teacher whose innovative idea provided students with a fun opportunity to learn about social studies and digital media while interacting, problem solving and creating with their peers. Cacek has been teaching art and photography for almost 10 years. Having worked in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting prior to her current virtual public school position, Cacek finds the experience to be fascinating as she works with students to investigate to the tools and techniques, meanings, and student perspectives in the Visual Arts.

About The Field Trips

During the “Reeling Through History” field trips, Connections Academy students worked in small groups to create a movie about their adventure location using iMovie software on an Apple iPad 2, purchased through an ING grant submitted by Cacek. At the Duluth Depot, a bustling hub of activity for much of the 20th century, students started their project after watching a museum film where they learned how in 1910, seven railroads dispatched over 50 trains a day from Duluth. In Pine City, Minn., at the North West Company Fur Post, students stepped into the recreated world of 1804 to see everyday life in the fur trade. Students learned how the fur trade business worked and met some principle characters.

To make their movies, students determined their roles and responsibilities, took notes during their tours, captured video and photos, recorded commentary, created storyboards, and edited their pieces to create a “mini documentary” about their historical site. Not only did students gain knowledge about their location, but were also able to apply what they learned to complete a media project.

Cacek created a blog for participating students to learn about the “Reeling Through History” project.
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