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Michigan Connections Academy—K–12 Online School from Home

Michigan Connections Academy (MICA) is a tuition-free, K–12 online public school, also known as a cyber charter school, that students attend from home. MICA brings a fully accredited public education directly to your family’s door—anywhere in Michigan.

Authorized by Ferris State University Charter Schools Office

Michigan Connections Academy is authorized by Ferris State University Charter Schools Office. The school is operated by Michigan Connections Academy, a nonprofit corporation, through a contract with CA of Michigan, LLC, to provide its educational program and other services. The school is governed by an independent Board of Directors and all meetings are open to the public. Please review our scheduled meeting dates, agendas, and information on how to attend a meeting or make a request for public records.

  • View Michigan Connections Academy's Annual Education Report, which provides key information on the school's 2013–14 educational progress.
Meet Bryan Klochack, MICA Principal
Bryan Klochack

With more than 20 years of experience in teaching and administration, Principal Bryan Klochack leads the professional education team at Michigan Connections Academy (MICA). His background in both public and private bricks-and-mortar schools and his advanced degrees have equipped him to continue developing the school’s exceptional educational learning environment.

As an educational professional, Mr. Klochack is especially proud of MICA’s focus on individualized instruction delivered by exceptional, highly-qualified teachers who believe all students can learn! “The individual attention students receive, the efficiency with which they learn, and the flexibility of our program really raise the bar. This excellent education sets our students apart from the rest. MICA is on the verge of tremendous growth and achievement, and I hope the great students of Michigan join us for an amazing learning experience!”

Mr. Klochack earned an Education Specialist degree with an emphasis in executive level educational leadership from the University Michigan–Flint. He also holds an M.A. in educational administration with an emphasis in school principalship from Central Michigan University and a B.A. in Economics from Kalamazoo College. He has state certification in elementary and secondary administration.

Staff, Community and Curriculum

With a caring staff, an outstanding curriculum, and a vibrant school community, MICA is a leading virtual school in Michigan.

Administration and Staff

Principal Bryan Klochack leads a dedicated staff that includes:

  • State-certified teachers recognized as highly qualified under the No Child Left Behind Act..
  • A Full-time, licensed school counselor.
  • Talented support staff.


Michigan Connections Academy isn't simply an online school program. It’s a supportive community of:

  • Students of varying backgrounds, strengths, and challenges.
  • Parents and Learning Coaches dedicated to their students’ education.
  • Teachers with years of experience helping each student to reach his or her full potential.


The MICA curriculum is designed by national education experts and customized to meet state standards. Bringing together the best in print and online resources with Connections Academy proprietary instructional tools, the MICA curriculum is designed to engage students of every level. Our goal is simple: To ensure that all students have the resources they need to succeed.