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“Engaging.” “Inspiring.” “Empowering.” That’s how parents describe our elementary online school curriculum at Louisiana Connections Academy (LACA) where positive early experiences set the stage for a lifetime learning adventure.

Foundations First—Building Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Skills

Based on the multi-sensory way children learn, our Louisiana elementary online school curriculum builds essential reading, writing, and math skills with resources that make learning exciting:

Parent-friendly, student-focused 

In grades K–5, the Learning Coach is an essential part of the LACA team. In addition to getting a personalized learning plan tailored to each student’s individual strengths and challenges, every lesson includes clear, easy-to-follow instructions for the Learning Coach. Every student is unique and, at LACA, the customized elementary school curriculum is unique to every student. 

Follow a Fifth-Grader

Curious how all these resources come together on a typical school day?  Just follow a fifth-grader to a recent class in Life Sciences.

When Morgan logs into Mrs. Jones’ LiveLesson® session on Monday, the class is buzzing about the upcoming field trip to the local botanical gardens. Using colorful maps and diagrams, Mrs. Jones describes Louisiana’s unique ecosystem and the biomes they’ll observe on their trip. Together, the class watches a Teachlet® tutorial on adaptation and survival. For that evening’s homework, Morgan digs deeper into the subject as she reads the assigned chapter in her online textbook.   

When Morgan and her class visit the botanical gardens that Saturday, they’re all ready for their latest adventure in science.

Experience our exciting sample lessons and Teachlet® tutorials for yourself.