Sample Lessons and Resources for Grades 7–8

Online Lessons

Our lessons provide detailed directions and instruction, guiding the student through the coursework. Lessons are accessible online, through Connexus®, our education management system, and many also are provided in print. Lessons incorporate many online and offline resources, including textbooks, Teachlet® tutorials, online instructional videos, and other materials. View sample online lessons below.

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Sample Online Lessons

Teachlet® Tutorials

Connections Academy Teachlet® tutorials are our own online instructional modules included in lessons to help students understand challenging topics by presenting them in fresh and engaging ways. View sample Teachlet tutorials below.

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Sample Teachlet® Tutorials

Online Resources

Our curriculum utilizes a wide variety of online videos, references, and instructional programs developed by other leading partners in education. Some of these resources include:

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Sample Online Resources

  • Connections Academy Instructional Tools: Cutting-edge and fun instructional tools that engage kids and support their mastery of everyday skills and complex concepts: Play Connect-A-Majig and  Lemonade Stand Game.
  • Connections Academy Virtual Library: Access to a wealth of information about Connections Academy, the curriculum, school policies, and online educational resources. View a virtual library demo.
  • Connections Academy Online Chess: After successfully completing an online tutorial, students are paired up to practice their skills in online chess. Sample online chess.
  • BrainPOP® and BrainPOP Jr.® : Educational animated movies that support instruction in a fun and lively format. Sample BrainPOP movies: "DNA" or "Civil War".
  • Discovery Education™ : On demand digital video library