FLVS FT—District Virtual Instruction Programs

FLVS FT is proud to announce its continued partnership with Florida school districts as a VIP provider for the 2013–14 school year.

At this time, Enrollment is closed for Fall 2013 in all districts. Contact your district listed below for more virtual options in your county.  

If you have registered with your local school district to participate in their district Virtual Instruction Program, follow these steps to begin enrollment:

  • Step One: Verify registration with your local school district (contacts listed above) and eligibility due to Prior Public Schooling Limitations.
  • Step Two: Select Enroll Now! below to begin registration in the public program.
  • Step Three: Once your account is created, you will have a Caretaker Homepage that will contain important information and enrollment updates. Be sure to notify Enrollment that you are selecting District VIP. Your district liaison listed above will also notify us once you have registered with their program.
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