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Looking for an exceptional virtual school in Florida? Students who attend Florida Virtual School Full Time have access to the quality instruction and learning materials they need to study successfully at home.

About Florida Virtual School Full Time

After almost a decade of independent experience, Florida Virtual School and Connections Academy joined forces in 2008 to become Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT). In 2011, FLVS FT began accepting students for full-time enrollment directly as their school of record, serving full-time students as public school students and as home education students.

FLVS FT is able to serve students currently through the following virtual school programs in Florida:

  • K–8 Public School Students: Our public school is available to students in grades K–8 statewide who are Florida residents* (also see Eligibility). Students who select this school will be enrolled in Florida Virtual School as the student’s school district of record, and students will receive a school report card. Students must meet all public school requirements for attendance and standardized test participation. Students will also need to attend full-time with six courses per semester for grades 6–8 or equivalent for K–5.
  • K–8 Home Education School Students: A full-time or part-time selection of courses in grades K–8 is available to Florida students. Participants in this program are considered Home Education students and are required to register as such with their resident school district. Home Education students are not eligible to receive a diploma from Florida Virtual School or participate in ESE or ELL services that may be provided to public school students, but they are exempt from standardized state tests. Students in the Home Education program can easily transfer to the public program prior to their senior year in order to graduate with a diploma. To learn more about the Home Education program and other FLVS offerings, visit the FLVS Homeschool Hub. Registration for the K-8 Home Education program with FLVS opens in early May.
  • High School Students: To learn more about the Florida Virtual School Full Time high school and other FLVS offerings, call 844-522-1965.

Florida Virtual School and Connections Education LLC are both accredited by AdvancED.

Parent Satisfaction

Florida Virtual School Full Time parents are surveyed each year and consistently recommend our virtual school to other parents. Check out the latest survey results to see how FLVS FT parents felt about our program.

Contact Information

For information about Florida Virtual School Full Time, call 877-500-FLVS (877-500-3587), email us at FLVSFTInfo@flvs.net, or send us a request for information.

To find out how to bring the FLVS FT program to your district, contact your Florida Virtual School District Relations Manager at support@flvs.net, or call 407-513-FLVS (407-513-3587).

School Leadership

  • Marcie Trombino, Lead Principal
  • Katie Santana, High School Principal

Administrative Office

Florida Virtual School Full Time
5401 S. Kirkman Road, Suite 550
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-857-6588
Fax: 407-226-7101

Partnership/Program Administrators

Florida Department of Education: Sally Roberts, sally.roberts@fldoe.org

Learn more about our accredited program and the required Florida Approved Provider Disclosures.

Ethical Conduct for Employees

Please visit our partner page to read about ethical standards for all of our employees. 

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