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Activity Tracker for Music

Whether students play the piano, the guitar, or the kazoo, Activity Tracker gets them motivated to play and track their musical progress! This tool allows students to

  • Select an icon and color to personalize their Activity Tracker.
  • Choose from a list of common instruments.
  • Add a custom instrument.
  • Select the activity type such as an arrangement, practice, or song.
  • Create a custom activity type.
  • Track the amount of time they spend practicing.
  • Set goals and analyze their progress.

 Watch this video to see the Activity Tracker in action, and get practicing!

Virtual Music Tools

The Virtual Music Tools are an integral part of the Juilliard eLearning Music courses powered by Connections Education. This one of a kind collection of tools allows students to play a host of virtual instruments, create and combine sounds using a digital sampler, and even compose, record, and share their own music! There are three main components:

  • The Virtual Instrument: This tool allows students to interact with a variety of instruments and to practice and perform any music they are given in the course.
  • The Virtual Sampler: This tool gives students a form of collage composition to combine different sounds for more contemporary styles of composition.
  • The Virtual Metronome: This tool gives students a metronome to maintain a steady pulse as they perform the exercise to ensure proper practice or rehearsal technique.

Watch this video to see how students use the Virtual Music Tools!