Elementary School Gifted and Talented

Teacher Icon    Talented teachers inspire and challenge advanced learners.

Book Icon Language Arts students explore literature through reading, writing, and discussion

Math Icon  Mathematics students tackle advanced concepts and complex problems

Science Icon     Science students learn advanced principles and bring the scientific method to life.

Elementary Gifted and Talented Program

At Connections Academy, our personalized approach to learning helps gifted and talented elementary students grow—and thrive. Special gifted and talented courses, combined with a personalized learning plan, enable exceptional students to work above grade level and achieve their highest potential in our elementary gifted and talented program.

Enriched Learning

In online elementary gifted programs, high-ability students benefit from an accelerated learning pace, specially trained teachers, and an enriched curriculum with choices for studying subjects in greater depth. They also enjoy opportunities to take part in special projects and develop higher-level thinking skills. Gifted and talented courses are available for elementary and middle school students, grades 3–8.

Personalized Options

With Connections Academy, families of gifted children gain access to extra educational options. Gifted elementary students may be enrolled in advanced courses for all subjects offered, or only in their areas of strengths and interests. When appropriate, younger gifted students may be given the opportunity to work at a higher grade level. We also offer elementary gifted and talented programs for "twice exceptional" students, who are gifted but have special educational needs.


Beyond the Classroom

Connections Academy offers a variety of exciting electives, clubs, and extracurricular activities. While these great choices can help optimize a child's learning experience, they are not exclusive to the gifted and talented program. By participating in these fun activities, gifted students can expand their circle of friends to include students who share their interests but are not necessarily part of the gifted and talented program.