Considering online school for your child? Discover the latest stats about online education in our Growth of K–12 Online Learning infographic. online learning, online education, virtual school, infographic

Infographic: K-12 Online Learning Growth by the Numbers

By: Dan Reiner
Growth of K-12 Online Learning

If you’re a parent considering online school for your child, you may be curious about this innovative educational method. Although you know why your family is interested, have you ever asked yourself why other parents are making this choice? Have you wondered if virtual schooling has peaked—or if it’s growing in popularity? Are your child’s course options likely to diminish or continue to expand?

To learn the answers to questions like these, view our infographic, Growth of K–12 Online Learning. You’ll discover information and national statistics about enrollment in online public schools and how many students are taking courses online. You can also learn what kind of schooling students participated in previously, plus their reasons for switching. And, certainly, we’ll tell you how many families are already enjoying the rewarding experience of educating their children at home with Connections Academy.

Why did you begin exploring the idea of online school? Share your experiences and reasons in the comments below, and also let us know if you have any questions.