In a 2012 Connections Academy survey enrolled families reported bullying as one of many reasons for switching to virtual school. Discover how so many previously bullied students have begun to regain confidence in online school. bullying, bullying quotes, vitual school

Moving Beyond Bullying: Healing and Learning in Virtual School

By: Dan Reiner
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The statistics on bullying are staggering: nearly one-third of all school-aged children are bullied each year—that’s more than 13 million students.

For some families, virtual school may be a good educational alternative for kids who have experienced bullying. Attending school from home enables children to focus on learning—rather than fear of intimidation, embarrassment, or injury. Virtual school also can offer kids safe, supervised ways to socialize—both online and in person—through clubs, activities, and field trips.

Closer to home, a 2012 survey of Connections Academy parents revealed that many enrolled families reported switching to our virtual school because a child had experienced bullying in a previous school environment. Many of these parents say that making the switch to online school at home has been the best decision they could have made.

If your child has been bullied and you’re considering changing to learning in a virtual school, you may be interested to learn what other parents have to say about Connections Academy. Visit our new Overcoming Bullying page to see their comments and discover how so many previously bullied students have begun to learn, grow, and recover their self-esteem in our positive school environment.

Has a member of your family been bullied—and recovered from the experience as a virtual school student? Please share your stories or messages of inspiration and hope in the comments below.