We compiled some fantastic summer reading lists for every grade level, free for you to download. You’re sure to find something to interest students of all ages. So make a commitment to have your children read every day this summer! summer reading list, summer reading, summer learning

Keep ’Em Reading! Suggested Summer Reading Lists for Grades K-12

By: Dan Reiner
young girl laying among meadow flowers reading a book

This summer, make a commitment to have your students read every day! Read with your child, read to your child, and have your child read to you. Whether it’s done first thing in the morning (the way some adults read the newspaper), midday (for a bit of quiet time), or at the end of the day (to wind down before bed), reading is a wonderful way to keep young minds active and engaged in summer learning.

Be sure to visit the library regularly and check out new books so your kids have plenty of fresh reading material to spark their interest. Make an effort to find out if your library has a Book Club for children to join or a Summer Passport experience where children earn prizes and activities for reading books at their grade level and on approved topics. If you find a reading-related program, sign up!

For your convenience, many libraries also offer e-books and audio books available for download to an e-reader, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer from the comfort of home.

And although it may be tempting to, don’t exclude high school kids from the reading requirement! Even if their schedules are filled with summer jobs and other activities, teenagers’ brains can still get sluggish without a daily mental “workout.” Why not suggest a family book club? Have the teens and adults in the family read the same book and set a date for getting together to talk about it over pizza. (Let the kids choose which book you’ll read from a list you’ve prescreened for being entertaining, appropriate, and discussion-worthy.) You may be surprised to discover that discussing a good book can build bridges that span a generation gap!

For fantastic reading suggestions for every reading level, check out the links below. These summer reading lists have been compiled by teachers, librarians, and curriculum specialists, and they include fiction, folklore, history, poetry, biographies, drama, and so much more. You’re sure to find something to interest students of all ages!

Download our free reading lists of fantastic books for summer, by grade level:

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