ACA Parent Responsibilities

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The Learning Coach's Role

At ACA, parents play an essential role in ensuring students’ success, achievement and accountability. Serving as Learning Coaches, parents (or their designees) are responsible for their student’s day-to-day activities. In the elementary years, Learning Coaches are closely involved in helping students grasp the material and develop necessary study skills. As students become more independent in the middle school and high school years, the Learning Coach typically provides support, but far less daily supervision.

Because the Learning Coach’s role is so critical to the student’s success, ACA:

  • Recommends that an at-home parent or designated adult serve as the Learning Coach to provide daily student oversight and support.
  • Requests parents sign an agreement outlining their responsibilities as Learning Coaches and describing suggested steps for creating an optimal learning environment at home.
  • Provides an array of support services to make Learning Coaches effective: tutorials, an orientation program, a supportive network of fellow Learning Coaches, and ongoing advice from our teachers and counselors.

More Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Parents may also get involved by serving as local volunteers working with teachers to create opportunities for special projects and field trips with other students and parents throughout the year.

These fun, interactive events—in places such as local news and radio stations, museums, parks, aquariums, and planetariums—provide additional learning opportunities for students.